about us

We are two young women with a common passion for art. In addition to loving literature, we are big fans of cinema. We both have a great imagination and a lot of creativity, which allows us to work on many subjects. Thanks to our eclectic and very complimentary tastes, we hope to make you fall in love with the cinema! We've kept our childlike souls, and we both love cartoons. Seeing them through an adult's prism, we realize that they are much deeper than we might think. Besides, we're both pretty sensitive, and we love to feel things in front of a movie. So beware, our reviews might get sentimental!

Thanks to Laetitia's cheerful spirit, get ready to discover many "feel-good" movies. Her love for literature will be precious and will allow her to link books and film adaptations. As for Manon, thanks to her love of filmmaking and her attention to detail, she will introduce you to her favorite films and directors.

So make yourself comfortable on your sofa and get ready to enter our little world made of superheroes, villains, and great stories.

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